Hastings Borough Bonfire Society 1999 pictures
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Monster's Drums
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Mad Jacks Morris - you've seen them, now read about them
Same Sky - Incredible and inspirational
Smugglers and Smuggling in the Hastings Area
1066.net - Hastings' Local area website
Map of the route

Pictures from the 2000 event, possibly the best yet!
2000 - Click Here for Pictures around the firesite
2000 - Click Here for Criers and Fires 2000

The 1999 Event was a magnificent event - 
1999 - Click Here to see just how good it was!
1999 - Click Here to see if your Bonfire Society has been immortalised
1999 - Click Here to see the Internationally famous Town Criers who took part in the procession "Criers and Fires"

Hastings Borough Bonfire Society Banner

.....  and the Hastings Borough Bonfire Society

.......and the bonfire

Banner of the America Ground

The effigy on its way round

Close-up of the Effigy

Some of the costumed participants

There's no doubt a reason for the Red Indians

one of the magnificent "Same Sky" creations, this one was about 12ft. tall




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