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Hastings Storm Tunnel

Southern Water's Storm Tunnel

Southern Water has almost completed its 50 million Hastings Bathing Water Scheme to remove unsatisfactory storm overflows and reduce risk of flooding to the town centre. The scale of the operation has to be seen to be believed. The main tunnel is a mile (1.6km) long. These pictures were taken 5th September 1999.


From the top of the shaft in Alexandra Park, the sledge that followed the cutting machine ("Janice") is being retrieved

Almost Surreal, the 6.5m  tunnel is absolutely straight,  from Alexandra  Park to Warrior square

To descend to the tunnel entrance - steps

Plan of the drainage setup, the tunnel above is the long straight bit in the middle

The Shaft at Warrior Square, the tunnelling machine was lifted out here

Three of the sections of the tunnelling machine (named 'Janice' after the Project Manager's wife) await removal from Warrior Square

The cutting head from the tunnelling machine

Monday Night, 6th September 1999, one of the tunnelling machine sections on its way to West Marina,  

9/9/99, the sections of tunnelling machine waiting on the former Bathing Pool site at West Marina awaiting shipment to Germany

Many thanks to David North, Project Manager of Southern Water's main Contractor,  Miller for allowing access to the site.

 27/28th November 1999, 1066 members of the public were able to walk the length of the main tunnel from Warrior Square to Alexandra Park. Notices proclaimed which landmark was above (St.Mary Magdalen Church, Hastings Museum and Linton Road Viaduct)

Janice North, the only lady I've ever heard of who has had a tunnelling machine named after her! - many thanks for showing us round the site.

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