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Happy Harold has been back to Ostende 2018
2017 show
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Happy Harold was 90 years old
on 28th March 2018

Update 2017

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Happy Harold's Birthday
Happy Birthday Happy Harold
1928 - 2018
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Hastings Trolleybus Restoration Group's Bus Gathering is traditionally held on the third Sunday in May each year -admission is free.
The 2018 event, our twenty-sixth, was held on May 21st on the Oval in Hastings and we celebrated Happy Harold's 90th Birthday. more >>

Hastings & St.Leonards Museum Association (HSLMA)
is organising a trip to CHATHAM HISTORIC DOCKYARD'S
400th anniversary year
on June 2nd 2018

more details HERE

Hastings Trolleybus,  Happy Harold
Affectionately known as Happy Harold this historic vehicle has undergone major surgery and is now fully roadworthy and will continue to make appearances in the Hastings area and carry lucky members of the public. He's seen here at the 25th Annual Trolleybus and classic vehicle show on the Oval in Hastings

The Hastings Trolleybus Restoration Group is a small band of volunteers dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Hastings Trolleybuses (Trolleybuses were trackless trams - electric vehicles, running on normal roads on pneumatic tyres and drawing their current from twin wires suspended above the vehicles - the Hastings system was 500 volts DC - The Trolleybus system in Hastings, St.Leonards and Bexhill followed on the abandonment of the trams in 1928/29 and closed in 1959.
There are only four known survivors of the system and the oldest and rarest of these belongs to Hastings Borough Council and is being maintained and operated by the Hastings Trolleybus Restoration Group. 1928 Guy BTX with body by Christopher Dodson. Ppurpose built open-top double deck trolleybuses were unique to Hastings and ours is the survivor of only 8 that were ever built. The electric motor was replaced by a Commer TS3 diesel in 1959/60 and the bus has been running on that ever since.

Hastings Online Times' article on Happy Harold's 90th birthday is HERE
Click here for footage of Trolleybus first day of service in 1928 in Hastings


Ostend 2009 Happy Harold goes to Belgium! 2018 Back to Belgium

The group survives almost entirely on voluntary contributions and we are urgently seeking new members and sponsors so that our restoration and preservation work can continue. please do remember us if you win the lottery.


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