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Priory Knit's Machine Knitting Page
Priory Knits, Hastings' newest Machine Knitting Club
Priory Machine Knitting Club
More about Priory machine Knitting Club
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Venue - Unitarian Church, South Terrace, Hastings  - Parking in Priory Meadow Car Park opposite -  or walk down from Hastings Train Station (10 mins)

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"Machine knitting in Hastings is not dead but very much alive."

Chair Sue Castro
Vice Chairs Diane Sinden & Jenny Stowe
Secretary Pat Wright

Priory Knits is Hastings' most recently formed machine knitting club. It has been started by people with enthusiasm who are still very excited about machine knitting and actively want to knit not just to TALK ABOUT KNITTING!   Membership at present is coming up to 40 and we are all very enthusiastic.

Several members have successfully taken and passed their City & Guild in Creative Studies Part I - Machine Knitting Skills & Preparing Working Designs. One club member is an extremely good all round craft person and runs a local needlework club in her own right, in fact Pat is proof that no craft can be taken in isolation but all are closely interwoven one with another.

We meet on the 1st Tuesday of every month at Unitarian Church, South Terrace, Hastings next to Priory Meadow Shopping Centre. The meeting starts at 9.30 with doors open from 9.15 a.m until 12.00 0p.m. Parking is very easy as the Shopping Centre has its own Car Park and is very reasonably priced.

We are also fairly accessible since we are extremely close to Hastings Mainline Rail Station and the local bus service is very good even from as far afield as Bexhill.

We are a very friendly bunch and are trying to generate as much interest and enthusiasm as we can. We are not purely garment orientated but are intending to diversify into soft furnishings, felting, toys, cards and anything else that is knittable and that anyone would like to see demonstrated.

We are also not rigidly hidebound to any particular make of machine and have knitters with Brothers, Knitmaster, Passaps etc. We just want to knit and knit with enthusiasm and I defy anyone to say "But we’ve already done that" or "Machine knitting is dead" or even "You can’t knit for the young they all want designer sweatshirts". My very smart and trendy 17 year old saw a Grigna Tuck Stitch scarf I was knitting for a friend at Christmas and instantly fell in love with it and I had to make her one immediately if not sooner. You just have to be careful about the colours - it was black & white of course but did have a mother of pearly lurex strand running through it which is what made the difference.

We would be delighted to meet any new or potentially new members 

(c) Sue Castro 1999 - 2012   Sue Castro is a member of the Guild of Machine Knitters

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