Hastings Grammar School, Nelson Road, Hastings.
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1960 - click here for 1.5mb jpg

1964 - click here for 1.5mb jpg

Hastings Grammar School around the time the webmaster was there (early '60's) taken by the late Lewis Perry (HGS early 1930's) from his home in Braybrooke Road.

and an enlargement of the important bit.

...and from the 1964 picture Steve Peak who lent me the pictures and, in front of him, looking pleased to be there, the webmaster!
 3rd January 2003, at the Chequers in Battle, Gerry Hart's photo of some of the survivors

The Hastings Grammar School "School Song"

The corners of the earth have heard our footfalls;
On the seas of all the world our keels are known;
Lo ! now our name was made,
Sport and study, war and trade,
Or ever James the First was on the throne,
No little thing our name and pride to carry,
Not small the weight of honour we sustain;
But it's up to us to bear it,
Till our younger brothers share it,
To pass the School's tradition on again,

Brothers all, Hastonians, William Parker's sons,
We must guard the old renown, games or books or guns,
Years ago and years ago, bright the record came;
In the centuries that follow us, bright it must remain.

Hail the ancient brotherhood ! Let us hear the name!

Sons of William Parker !

We can do with jolly sportsmen for our fellows;
We can do with earnest scholars just the same;
But the bully and the sneak.
And the slacker must not speak,
In the fellowship of us who play the game.
The pluck to lead that yet is proud in service,
Obedience to our ancient honoured rule,
And the faith that backs your friend
To the journey's utter end.
Are the things that win your colours in the School,

Brothers all.....

What's the tie that makes you one ? Once again the name !

Sons of William Parker!

We have trodden in your pathways little Brothers
Our initials on your desk lids still remain;
We were proven by disaster,
And we win to service vaster,
Stand to arms, the brave battalions of the slain!
Death for dower gave us power and great glory.
Yet at dusk we steal a moment to return.
Do you feel our longing guide you;
Do you feel we sit beside you
Does our whisper move your spirit as we yearn?

Brothers all .......

In the hall at prayers a whisper ! Listen whence it came!

Sons of William Parker!

Oh! the School's an older thing than any Master!
And the School's a younger thing than any boy!
Though the years may hurry on
Till our company is gone
She stands beyond their power to destroy.
Her light has flamed through triumph and disaster;
Shall it shine a little brighter for your stay?
Stick it out. The need is on you;
Days to come depend upon you;
And the torch is in your keeping:— light the way!

Brothers all .......

Fill your lungs with pride of it! Brothers all the name!

Sons of William Parker!

William Parker School, Successor to Hastings Grammar School click

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