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The Cyril and Lilian Bishop

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Cyril & Lilian Bishop Preparing for departure Cyril & Lilian Bishop Leaving for UK Cyril & Lilian Bishop Back in Hastings Cyril & Lilian Bishop Earlier Visit Cyril & Lilian Bishop In Scotland Cyril & Lilian BishopPreparing the dock

Cyril & Lilian Bishop
Cyril & Lilian Bishop
RNLI Hastings lifeboat 1931 - 1950.
Cyril & Lilian Bishop

Cyril & Lilian Bishop Key Facts

Cyril & Lilian Bishop was the 4th RNLI lifeboat at Hastings, Built 1930/31 at Cowes and was paid for by Lilian Bishop, and named after her and her first husband.

The Hastings lifeboat from 29 April 1931 until 19 March 1950.
Saved at least 34 lives from 1931-50.

Took part in the Dunkirk evacuation 26 May - 4 June 1940 and possibly saved hundreds more lives.

Helped seven fishing boats in the ‘Derby Day Gale’ on 1 June 1938.
Seven sailors were rescued from RN trawler Caulonia off Jury’s Gap, on 31 March 1943; awards given to crew.
Safely survived a complete capsize during a rescue attempt in a strong gale on 17 November 1944.

Will ‘Ickle’ Curtis 1931-38 and 1940-43.

George Moon 1939 - 1940.
John ‘Ned’ Muggridge February - April 1943.
Edward ‘Ned Wintry’ Adams April 1943 - 1950.
Sold in 1950 by RNLI and became fishing boat on west coast of Scotland.
In 1993 sold to Simon Evans in France.
In July 2016 brought back to Hastings by DeeDay White and John ‘Tush’ Hamilton.

Media interest

BBC 1, 18:30 Friday 1st July 2016 report on South East Today.

Hastings Observer 29/6/16

In France

Cyril & Lilian Bishop lYonne
Cyril & Lilian Bishop TV Centre France
Cyril & Lilian Bishop "Yonne Republicaine"
Local paper (in French)

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Cyril & Lilian Bishop
Cyril & Lilian Bishop
Cyril & Lilian Bishop
Cyril & Lilian Bishop
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