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Looking Back with Ion Castro
Looking Back
All illustrations throughout this series are from Ion’s own collection
These articles first appeared in the Hastings & St Leonards Observer
Hastings Observer
Historic Hastings

Stell's Guide to Hastings
Stell "The Hastings Guide"
Stockdale's Guide
Stockdale's Guide
Powell's Hastings Guide
Powell's Guide
Moss' Hastings Guide 1824
Moss' Hastings guide
Moss' 1824 Hastings Guide
Kidd's Hastings
Parsons Guide 1864
Parson's 1864 Guide


Rock's engravings of Hastings & St.Leonards

Rock's Engravings




Kershaw & Son

Click for Thomas Nelson

Thomas Nelson

Click for C Reynolds

Charles Reynolds

Click for Apel's Penny Viewbook

Apel's Penny Viewbook

Click for Parsons New Guide
Parsons' New Illustrated Guid

Parsons 1891 Almanck

Parsons 1891 Almanack

Click for Views & Review
Viiews and Reviews


Hastings Home of Sunshine

Hastings Home of Sunshine


Brooker & Jepson

Brooker & Jepson


Parsons Almanac 1890

Parsons Almanack 1890

Hepworths Guide

Lewis Hepworth's Guide

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