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Henry Ward - Hastings' prolific yet forgotten Architect

Henry Ward A.R.I.B.A. 1854 - 1927.

Prolific yet almost forgotten Hastings Architect

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Mason Wing at the Buchanan Hospital
1907 The Mason Wing of the old Buchanan Hospital before conversion to apartments.
Foundation Stone of the Mason Wing
Foundation Stone - cites Henry Ward as the architect

1880 Hastings Town Hall

Plummer Roddis
Debenhams, formerly Plummer Roddis, Henry Ward designed this building and a whole chain of department stores for this firm in the 1920's
"The Observer" - opened in 1924 and threatened with demolition.

The Congregational Church in Cambridge Road

The flaking foundation stone acknowledges Henry Ward
Bexhill Town Hall
1898 Bexhill Town Hall
Bexhill Town Hall's Foundation Stone featuring Henry Ward ARIBA
The Foundation stone - proudly proclaims Henry Ward A.R.I.B.A. as architect


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